Dive into the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere of Swim Out, a strategic, turn-based puzzle game, that will transport you into a sunny day by the swimming pool, the river or the sea. Plan each of your strokes wisely and be sure to never cross any other swimmer's path if you want to peacefully enjoy the sea view on a cosy chaise-longue.


  • Over 100 levels nestled in carefully crafted landscapes, soothed by the sound of seagulls, frogs or water splashes.
  • 7 chapters combining :
  • - 12 different types of swimmers : each with their own way of moving around, ranging from the simple breaststroke swimmers to the more complex divers or cheeky water-bombing kids
  • - 12 different objects to interact with : buoys, fins, water guns, you can even ride a kayak!
  • - 6 disruptive environmental elements like waves, crabs or jellyfish that will give your brain a workout until you swim out!


  • International (no text ingame)




Awards & Recognition

  • "GDC Summer 2020" Artwork selected at GDC Artists gallery
  • "TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018" Finalist for Creativity Award + Best Strategy Game
  • "Indie Prize 2018" Finalist
  • "Ping Awards 2017" Finalist for Best Mobile Game
  • "TIGA Games Industry Awards 2017" Finalist for Best Puzzle Game

Stores Featurings


  • Swim Out is a gorgeous, stylish pool puzzler
    Philippa Warr, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • I am delighted by how unfamiliar a swimming experience this is to me
    Alice O'Connor, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • There are precious few things I appreciate more than a straightforward puzzle game with a strong commitment to its aesthetic, and Swim Out is exactly that
    Janine Hawkins, Waypoint
  • If you're a fan of puzzle games Swim Out is very likely for you. It's attractive, intuitive, and fun.
    Nick Vigdahl, Touch Arcade
  • The game truly captures that feeling of relaxing by the pool on summer vacation. I didn’t know I wanted that on my Switch, but I’m glad I’ve got it now.
    Alex Santa Maria, TechRaptor
  • Nostalgic infused swimming has never been such fun!
    Daniel Waite, Bonus Stage
  • Swim Out looks like the perfect tactical escape into a lush digital paradise
    Rob Funnell, Touch Arcade
  • Swim Out is a perfect summertime game.
    John Voohees, Mac Stories
  • (FR) Porté par une direction artistique ultra léchée et faisant de gros clins d'œil aux affiches touristiques art déco d'il y a près d'un siècle, Swim Out réussit à la fois à séduire par son gameplay joliment tricoté et par son style singulier qui donne au titre une atmosphère bien chouette.
    Thomas Méreur, GameKult
  • (FR) Nos 10 jeux indés de 2018 à ne pas rater sur la Switch
    Erwan Higuinen, Les Inrocks
  • (FR) plaisir aquatique et immersion dans le bain de la logique
    Béatrice Kahn, Telerama
  • (FR) parfait pour vous occuper les méninges et faire remonter les souvenirs de la douce chaleur d’été lors de vos froids trajets cet hiver
    Jules Auriac, Le journal du Geek
  • (FR) un véritable OVNI : unique en son genre et tout à fait fascinant (...) Long, complet, intéressant et stylisé, il contient tous les ingrédients d’une petite perle.
    , Best of Switch
  • (FR) une petite merveille à découvrir pour éviter le coup de chaud caniculaire
    , Kick My Geek
  • (FR) incontestablement l'un des jeux de cet été, qu'il prolonge agréablement
  • (FR) une admirable réussite (...) un hit surprenant
    , Puissance Nintendo

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Swim Out Credits

Ava Loz
Dev + design
Mat Loz
Dev + audio